Thai Romanization

  • The current version is 1.5.2, released in July 2014. This is the same as the previous version except that the interface is re-written with VB express. It is tested on Windows 7.
  • To download the program, please click version 1.5.2, or previous verion (1.4), which is tested on older windows system.
  • When installing the setup problem, run the program by right-click the program and select "Run as administrator". 
  • If you have troubles installing this program on Windows systems, try the special version TRomanSE. Just extract the folder and run "tromanse.exe". The interface is written in PerlTK.
  • If ????? is shown when copy and paste Thai texts on the input box, please try setting "current language for non-unicode program" to be "Thai". This can be done in "Control Panel", "Region and Language", "Administrative", and "Change system locale”.  
  • If the program cannot run on Windows 64 bit system,  set the program properties like this.
  • Thai romanization is now included as a function in Python package “TLTK” Please see Thai Transcription pgae.
  • Please report any bugs or mis-romanization to

  • For online service, click <here>
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The program uses the principle of romanization by transcription method as proposed by the Royal Institute. Please see the guidline below for further explanation.
Guideline for Thai Romanization : English version,  Thai version
Examples : List of  Thai geographic names  

Written by Wirote Aroonmanakun. Copyright 2001-2003 

This project is supported by a grant from the Thailand Research Fund and the Commission on Higher Education (2003-4).
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