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Course Description

Meanings of statistics, Data Collection, Data Presentation, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Normal Distribution, Sampling Distribution, Statistical Estimation, Hypothesis testing, Regression and Correlation Analyses, Analysis of Variance, Non-parametric Statistics emphasizing on the Chi-squared Tests.

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Course Outline


Stat 2702601 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences

1st week Course Overview

2nd Data Presentation and Frequency Tables

3rd Measures of Central Tendency and Measures of Dispersion

4th Normal Distribution

5th Sampling Distribution

6th Statistical Estimation

7th Hypothesis Testing

8th Regression and Correlation Analyses

9th Analysis of Variance

10th The Chi-squared Tests

11th Computer Practice

12th -15th Class Presentation

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  1. Associate Professor Dr. Taweewat
  2. Dr. Suchada Bowarnkitiwong


    1. Midterm 30%
    2. Final 30%
    3. Report 30%
    4. Participation 10%

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