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Semester 2, 1999

General Objectives

Writing Assignments
Self-Learning Center (SLC)
External Reading
Vocabulary Sheets and Folder

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General Objectives

By the end of the semester, the students should be able to:
  1. read a variety of different text types with good understanding and relative facility;
  2. guess the meaning of unfamiliar words in context;
  3. distinguish main ideas from less important details;
  4. skim passages for main ideas;
  5. take notes on a passage and write a short summary.
  1. recognize and correctly use various verb patterns;
  2. distinguish between the uses of the present participle and infinitive;
  3. understand the uses and meanings of common modal auxiliaries (to express probability, etc.);
  4. correctly form questions and negative sentences;
  5. use the present continuous to express present habits; use would and used to to express past habits;
  6. express present wishes using forms such as if only + past tense, etc.; express past wishes;
  7. use definite and indefinite articles and noun determiners correctly.
  8. reverse usual word order as a means of adding emphasis.
Writing      1. write an organized, coherent paragraph of 7-12 sentences            with these rhetorical patterns:
          a. persuasion;
          b. comparison & contrast;
          c. narrative
      2. write a short summary of a passage they have read.
      3. recognize and write a good topic sentence for a paragraph;
      4. write a short book or film review.

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The final grade you receive for this course will be based on the following:

a. 4 in-class writing assignment    25 points each = 100 points

b. 2 reading tests                            35 points each =  70 points

c. 1 grammar test                                                         40 points

d. a grade given at the completion of eachunit in
your textbook based on your overall participation
and attendance and on unannounced short quizzes    60 points

e. external reading test                                                 30 points

f. final examination                                                      100 points

                                                                 Total            400 points

N.B. The grammar test and writing assignment 2 will be given on the same day during Midterm Week.

Grading Scale (for writing assignments)

Out of 25 Points

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Below are the dates on which you will be tested:

Reading Test 1 Monday, December 13
Grammar Test Tuesday, December 28
Reading Test 2 Monday, January 17
External Reading Test Thursday, February 17
Final Examination Tuesday, February 29

The final examination will test reading, grammar, vocabulary, and writing but will not include the external reading.

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Writing Assignments

Below are the dates on which you will complete a graded in-class writing assignment:

Writing Pattern Date
Assignment 1 (persuasion)
Assignment 2 (comparison/contrast)
Assignment 3 (narrative)
Assignment 4 (book report)
Thursday, December 2
Tuesday, December 28
Thursday, January 27
Thursday, February 17

Should you miss a test for any reason, you will receive a score of zero. Similarly, should you be absent on the day of an in-class writing assignment, you will be given a score of zero.

Your participation score will be determined to a large degree by your attendance and punctuality. A one-hour absence during a two-week period will result in one mark being deducted from your score automatically. Two tardies are equivalent to a one-hour absence.

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Self-Learning Center Assignments

In addition to the work you do in class, you are also expected to do two types of activities in the Faculty Self-Learning Center. These activities are:


You are expected to complete the exercises for six Headway video segments this term. The exercise sheets are available in Building Four. In addition, you must complete the exercises for three episodes of the TV program Felicity. These exercises are available on the English Two homepage ( and in the self-learning center. You should keep the completed worksheets in your course folder. It is important that you observe the deadlines for completing these exercises since your teacher may check your folder at any time and may give you unannounced quizzes over the materials you have been assigned to watch.

Assignment Completion date
Headway Report 1

Headway Report 2

"Felicity" (Episode 1)

"Felicity" (Episode 2)

Headway Report 3

Headway Report 4

"Felicity" (Episode 3)

Headway Report 5

Headway Report 6

November 25

December 2

December 16

January 6

January 13

January 20

February 3

February 10

February 17


You are also expected to complete a weekly songsheet. These sheets are available through the English One homepage and in the self-learning center. Completed songsheets should be kept in your course folder.

Song Due Date

1. "Cat's in the Cradle"

2. "Shooting Star"

3. "After the Rain Has Fallen"

4. "Ghost Story"

5. "London Rain"

6. "To Be Loved"

7. "Cry Ophelia"

8. "Two of Me, Two of You"

9. "The Water Is Wide"

10. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

11. "In Your Eyes"

12. "She Will Have Her Way"

November 22

November 29

December 6

December 13

December 20

January 3

January 10

January 17

January 24

January 31

February 7

February 14

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External Reading

The external reading for this semester is Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress. You must have a copy of the text no later than Thursday, November 11. Begin reading immediately and observe the following reading schedule.

Chapters 1-12

Chapters 13-20

Chapters 21-28

Chapters 29-end

November 2

January 3

January 21

February 10

Do not be surprised if there is a short quiz on each of these dates.

The course website contains special background information relating to the setting and characters in Crazy in Alabama. There is information, for example, about the state of Alabama, about the civil rights movement in the US, about Martin Luther King and George Wallace. Encourage your students to take advantage of this resource. I hope to be able to show the film version at the end of the semester.

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Vocabulary Sheets

Each week you should complete a vocabulary sheet with words from your reading exercises, text, video worksheets, songs, or your external reading. Keep these sheets in your course folder.


All students must purchase a two-ring binder in which to keep all work for the semester. Work should be arranged in this order, with dividers separating each section:

  • Vocabulary sheets

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Songs

  • Video

  • Tests and quizzes

Students must also keep a pad of paper with holes in their folder.