Dr. Stephan Dubas

Researcher (polymer division)
Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute (MMRI)
Chulalongkorn University
Soi Chula 12 Payathai road,Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: (+66) 02-218-4234 Fax: (+66) 02-6100-2253
E-Mail: Stephan.d@chula.ac.th

Welcome to the PEM chula lab webpage!!

On this website we tried to summarize our research activity in the field of polyelectrolytes multilayers (PEM) thin films. Our research group is part of the polymer division at the metallurgy and materials science research institute (MMRI),  Chulalongkorn University. If you want to come visit us, we are located in the heart of bangkok near siam square ... in Thailand.

Our research group focus on the assembly of nanomaterials into functional structures using the layer-bylayer technique developped by Dr. Gero Decher in the early 90's. This technique is also known as the polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEM) technique. The type of applications developped in our lab include tissue engineering, microfluidics, drug delivery systems, sensors and food coatings.

Thank you for browsing us and please feel free to contact us for question, comments or suggestions. ...sawatdee krap !!




Latest News

Chula Vichakarn 2008

Our lab will present some of our recent research work during the open house (university) of chulalongkorn. this even being called in thai " Chula Vichakarn". Here is a powerpoint of the MMRI VCD presentation which wil be shown on our booth.


Nok in the news paper (November 2008)

After hanging out with nobel price laureate, our already famous nok is taking over the media. Click here to read her interview...

Nok and the nobels (june 2008)

Few months ago, Nok got the call from the center office ..... you have been selected with a groups of students to go to japan and meet nobel price laureate....Click here for her story.