Information Technology and Universities in Asia

ITUA 2002


Thanks so much for making this one a success already. In cooperation with the Asia CALL Association and very, very good help from Larry Chong in Korea, we now have in excess of 65 abstracts for the conference. I encourage each and everyone of you who considers coming to Thailand or those already here to come to Chula to participate in the event. Details about the conference are as follows:


Please register to the conference at your convenience. The registration can be found at (Adobe PDF file) or (Word 97).

Alternatively you can pay in person at the conference site. We will set up a desk and are willing to accept cash or credit cards (Mastercard or VISA or Siam Commercial Bank credit card). The fees for on site registration is 120 US dollars for overseas participants and 1,800 baht for local participants.


We are now in the process of preparing the conference program. Needless to say in this is one of the most important points in a conference. Please be patient while Larry and I prepare the program and when the dust settles we will post the program on our respective website. Larry's website is at


Since we don't need full papers, we will publish a book of abstracts for those who register to the conference.

*IMPORTANT: In order that you and your abstract can be included in the program and the abstract book, please register to me by March 17.*


We have requested a number of rooms at the following housing on campus, Vidhayanives, Sasa International House, and Suksitnives International House. For Vidhayanives, you can indicate that you'd like to stay there in the registration form. Otherwise you have to contact the Sasa and the Suksitnives by yourself. Here is the rate structure for all three:


Single - 600 Baht/night
Double - 900 Baht/night (availability very limited).
Contact: Tel and Fax +66-2-218-3010
Mail: Manager, Vidhayanives Faculty Housing, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
(sorry they don't have e-mails. This one is around 10 minutes walk to the venue.)

SUKSITNIVES INTERNATIONAL HOUSE (all rooms here contain two twin beds)

Single - 500 Baht
Double - 600 Baht
Contact: Tel and Fax +66-2-216-0040
Mail: Manager, Suksitnives International House, Chula Soi 6, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
(They don't have emails either, and they are quite far from central campus - around 20 minutes walk to the conf. venue).


They have four types of rooms:
PRESIDENT: Single - 1,450 Baht; Double - 1,660 Baht
VICE PRESIDENT: Single - 1,250 Baht; Double - 1,450 Baht
EXECUTIVE: Single - 1,040 Baht; Double - 1,250 Baht (room has two beds)
MANAGER: Single - 1,040 Baht; Double - 1,250 Baht (room has three beds)
Contact: Tel. +66-2-216-8844; Fax +66-2-215-3880
Mail: Manager, Sasa International House, 254 Chula Soi 12, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

(This one is next door to the Vidhayanives, 10 minutes walk to the venue. And there's a restaurant here too. So you can have breakfast here. Those who are at the Vidhayanives and the Suksitnives can have breakfast here too. Walk from Suksitnives to Sasa takes around 10 minutes. The breakfast menu is a standard one; you can have either Thai or Western breakfast for less than 100 baht a meal.)

When you book for rooms, please mail or fax the following info to the contact address above: The name(s) of everyone who will stay in the room; arrive date and time; departure date and time; what kinds of room you are requesting; your contact address back in your country including telephone number.

**Please note that the registration fees do not include housing, so please make arrangements on your own.

Alternatively, you might want to stay in a hotel. We will have more details later on.


When you get out of the custom checkpoint, look for a sign saying 'PUBLIC TAXI' and tell the taxi driver that you would like to go to Chulalongkorn University. The ride costs around 200 to 250 baht and takes from 45 to 60 minutes. I will attach a graphic file containing instructions in Thai for the taxi driver, who might not be able to understand English and in any case might not know the exact location of the housing mentioned above. The file is already attached with this mail. It's a GIF file, meaning you can open it with any graphic program or any web browser.

Or you might want to pamper yourself and take a limo managed by Thai Airways. This is luxurious and costs up to 700 baht or more. But the service is excellent and the driver really knows where you like to do (I think). Look for signs saying 'LIMOUSINE' when you get out of the airport.

This is all for now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks a lot for your participation, without which this conference would not be a success.

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