Activities of the Philosophy Department

Philosophy and Religious Studies Club of Thailand Meeting

Room 707, 708 Boromratchakumari Building
Faculty of Arts
Chulalongkorn University
October 21-22, BE 2539

Call for Papers

In October, the Philosophy Department together with the Philosophy and Religious Studies Club will hold a two-day conference on a variety of philosophical themes. The Conference is part of the activities of the Club, which is a forum for philosophers throughout Thailand to present their research as well as to meet one another. There will be three symposia plus a variety of contributed papers by philosophers from all over Thailand.

The themes of the symposia are: Buddhism within Contemporary Philosophical Contexts, Ethical Problems Derived from Modern Medical Technology, and a special symposium honoring the 400th anniversary of French philosopher René Descartes. Two philosophers have accepted the invitation to present their findings in the first symposium--Wit Wisadavet and Duan Khamdee. Ukrit Paetnoi will participate in the second symposium, and three papers have been invited for presentation in this symposia--"Dualism is Still an Alternative" by Pongchai Eowphanthong, "Rationalism Toward the End of the Twentieth Century" by Mark Tamthai, and "Descartes, Rorty and the Future of Philosophy" by Soraj Hongladarom. Moreover, Dr. Suwanna Satha-Anand will also present her research, granted by the National Research Council, on "Status of Philosophical Research in Thailand."

Teachers of philosophical subjects throughout the country are automatic member of the Club, and are eligible to submit papers for consideration of presentation in the Conference. Abstracts of proposed papers should be sent to Somparn Promtha, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, (Tel. 218-4754; Fax. 218-4755) by September 30. No full papers are necessary and need not be submitted.

Here is the tentative schedule of the Conference:

Monday, October 21, BE 2539

9.00-9.15 AM 9.15-10.45 AM 10.45-11.00 AM 11.00-11.25 AM 11.25-11.50 AM 11.50-12.15 AM 12.15 AM-1.00 PM 1.00-1.25 PM 1.25-1.50 PM 1.50-2.15 PM 2.15-3.45 PM
Tuesday, October 22, BE 2539
9.00-10.00 AM 10.00-10.15 AM 10.15-10.40 AM 10.40-11.05 AM 11.05-11.30 AM 11.30-11.55 AM 11.55 AM-1.00 PM 1.00-3.00 PM Special Symposium commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Descartes' Death


3.00-3.45 PM 3.45-4.00 PM

[Department of Philosophy]