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Research Projects


+ Enhancing Safety Practice in Research Laboratory (ESPReL)

  (Funded by the National Research Council of Thailand)

+ Establishing Climate Change Information Center

  (Supported by Ratchadaphiseksomphot Endowment Fund

  Chulalongkorn University (RES560530194-CC))

+ Architecture and Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies for

  Sustainable Design in Nan Province

  (supported by National Research University Project,

  Office of Higher Education Commission (WCU-051-CC-57))





+ Effect of Environmental Colors on Visual Comfort Perception / Sureeluk Thina


+ Lighting Design for Safety: Case Study of Chulalongkorn University / Aruch Sawasronnapak

+ Visibility and Visual Comfort Performance Evaluation of Perforated External Screen Shading Devices / Attarot Thongngamkam

+ The effect of light design elements on users perception : case studies of hotel lobbies / Pantitra Kiatniyomsak


Ventilation system for airborne infection control in hospital examination room / Jirayu Boontan

Daylighting performance of skylight shutter for buildings in tropical climate / Prapaipak Thingdah 

Lighting design elements of hotel lobbies in Bangkok / Bhanbordintra Subhadhira


Assessment of natural ventilation performance in hospital wards / Usana Chantarasap

The relationship of interior surface reflectance on daylight-linked photo sensor efficiency / Rungtip Poonasawasombat

The Effect of local obstructions on solar radiation / Satap Chuastapanasiri

Development of daylighting design strategies in libraries / Pailin Paijitsattaya 

Architectural lighting design element of skyscrapers in Bangkok / Witsawakorn Thangthong

Daylight glare evaluation of offices with external shading device / Nutjira Smidasutanun


The development of energy-efficient task-ambient luminaire for office lighting / Phakhaporn Ruangsri

The Development of building materials from agricultural residues / Polpat Nilubon

Comparative study of daylighting reflector configuration on lighting performance : a pilot study of art gallery in Bangkok / Chanida Prachasilchai

Type and size of a skylight for utilization in superstores / Nassama Pienpak 


The assessment of visual comfort condition focusing on illuminance and correlated colour temperature for fluorescent lamp / Nawara Nararas




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