Room 1408/8 Maha Vajirunhis Building

(Email) sujin.k AT chula.ac.th

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Chulalongkorn University

(Tel) 66-022185223

Bangkok, THAILAND 10330

Research Interests

·       Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Differential Geometry


1.           B. Chaihao and S. Khomrutai, Permanence and extinction of age-structured nonautonomous discrete-time epidemic models, preprint, submit

2.           S. Khomrutai, Sublinear nonlocal diffusion, preprint, submit.

3.           S. Khomrutai, A. Manui, and A. Schikorra, Non-blow up at critical exponent for a semilinear nonlocal diffusion equation, Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 116, June 2021, 107063

4.           S. Yeepo, W. Lewkeeratiyutkul, S. Khomrutai, and A. Schikorra. On the Calderon-Zygmund property of Riesz-transform type operators arising in nonlocal equations, Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis.

5.           S. Khomrutai and A. Schikorra, On C1,α-regularity for critical points of a geometric obstacle-type problem, Volume 136, April 2020, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, Pages 257-278

6.           S. Khomrutai, Nonlocal equations with regular varying decay solutions, 267(8) 2019, 4807-4840, Journal of Differential Equations.

7.           S. Khomrutai, Weighted Lp estimates and Fujita critical exponent for a nonlocal equation, 184C July 2019, 321-351, Nonlinear Analysis.

8.           S. Khomrutai, Global well-posedness and grow-up rate of solutions for a sublinear pseudoparabolic equation, 260(4) 2016, 3598-3657, Journal of Differential Equations.

9.           S. Khomrutai, Global and blow-up solutions of superlinear pseudoparabolic equations with unbounded coefficient, 122 July 2015, 192-214, Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods, & Applications.

10.      S. Khomrutai, Uniqueness and grow-up rate of solutions for pseudoparabolic equations in Rn with a sublinear source, 48 October 2015, 8-13, Applied Mathematics Letters.

11.      S. Khomrutai and N. Kitisin, Blow-up in non-autonomous semilinear pseudoparabolic equations, ScienceAsia 10 (2014).


·      arXiv.org: Analysis of PDEs

·      Math Journals: Aust MS



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