Differentiation of Crocodilian granulocytes :


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Differentiation of Crocodilian granulocytes :

Materials and methods

Wright - Giemsa staining Alkaline Phosphatase (Al- P) Peroxidase (P)

Alkaline phosphatase

: Fast red violet LB base stable diazonium salt : Sodium nitrite : Stable solution napthol AS-BI phosphate : Hematoxylin as counterstain


Criteria rxn


Agranulocytes Monocyte (10-16 um) Lymphocyte (6-7 um) Thrombocyte (5-6 um)

Granules W - G Al-P P stain Granulocytes spiculate, Heterophil tear - drop acidophilic Al-p+ P++ (few) round,rod, Eosinophil tear-drop, acidophilic Al-P- P+++ spiculate (few) round Basophil basophilic Al-P- P- (varied) Azurophil) fine azurophilic Al-P+++ P-

Agranulocytes Cytoplasm Al-P P

Granulocyte differential percentage in W-G stain,

Author: Associate Professor Sumolya Kanchanapangka, DVM., Ph.D.

E-mail: ksumolya@chula.ac.th

URL: http://www.pioneer.netserv.chula.ac.th/~ksiumolya

Other Information :
Dept. of Anatomy Faculty of Veterinary Science Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, THAILAND

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