Recently Highlighted Auctioned Thailand Classic Postal History

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Year Auctioned Year on Piece Details Price Realized  in Baht Auction House
2004 1872

Thailand Straits Settlements Stamps Used on Mail from Bangkok, entire from Bangkok to Hong Kong, bearing 6c. lilac, cancelled by circular barred h.s. and additionally tied by oval "Forwarded by/A.L. Johnston & Co." h.s. in blue, showing "Singapore/Paid" c.d.s. in red and "Mallherbe Jullien & Co./Bangkok/Siam" oval firm's h.s. in blue adjacent, with "Hong Kong/C" arrival c.d.s. on reverse, rated "4", contemporary docketing also inside, very fine and rare.

HK$ 55,000 319,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1881

Envelope to Paris, bearing Straits Settlements 8c. orange cancelled by "E. Lamache & Cie/ Bangkok (Siam)" framed d.s. in blue and bamboo type, showing "Singapore/Paid" c.d.s. in red and "Poss. Angl./Paq. Fr. N No.4" octagonal d.s (22.180 - error of year date) adjacent, a little roughly opened at top resulting in tear and small piece of cover missing, nevertheless a very rare usage of Straits Settlements stamps used in Siam, one of three recorded covers from this correspondence. 

HK$ 65,000 377,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1883-1906

THAILAND 1883-1906 THAI P.O.s IN CAMBODIA AND LAOS Collection on 4 exhibition pages with appropriate explanations of the cancels used by Siamese post offices in Cambodia and Laos: A. ENGLISH BATTAMBONG TYPE I & IA: singles of the 1883, 1887, 1892 and 1894 issues cancelled by type I, plus 1887 4atts cancelled by type IA, rare. B. ENGLISH BATTAMBONG TYPE II: 1887 singles from 2atts to 12atts, 1895-99 ovpt singles from 12atts to 64atts incl. settings 3,4 & 5, rare 1897 2atts REJECTED DIE, 1895-99 4atts Antique surch pair and 1899 8atts, rare. C. SWISS TYPE TYPE III: 1906 Picture postcard to France franked 1899 2atts & 4atts (both with faults) tied Swiss type III SIEMRAT 25 OCT 1906 (bilingual) cds, transit BATTAMBONG 8.11.06 and Pnompenh 13 NOV 06 alongside. Only 10 examples of this Siemrat strike known to date, this card being the first one found (Sweden 1979). D. LUANG-PRABANG: 1895 4atts Postal stationery reply card (1887 issue) to Germany, cancelled vernacular LUANG-PRABANG (type II) 1895 cds, arrival cds HAYINGEN 20.4.95, message card used, reply card unused, very fine and rare, lot also incl. three singles bearing same cancellation. A rare assembly of very elusive material. (See also lot ????) Ex Wallberg. Est.SFr. 20'000 - 25'000

CHF 25,000   David Feldman SA
2004 1884

Thailand envelope, with printed heading "S. J. Smith's Printing Office, Bangk'olem Point, Bangkok, Siam" to "Miss Catherine Scheetz, Lower Merion, Montgomery Co., U.S. of North America" bearing Straits Settlements 8c. orange and "B" overprint on Straits Settlements watermark Crown CA 2c. pale rose, boldly cancelled by "Bangkok" c.d.s., showing "Singapore/Paid" transit c.d.s. of "Jy 1 84" in red adjacent, with "London/BK" c.d.s (1.8) in red and "New York/Paid All/B" double circle d.s (13.8) on reverse, very fine and a wonderful franking of the utmost rarity and the highest exhibition calibre. From a recently discovered correspondence. B.P.A. certificate (2004). S.G. 15 (Bangkok) and 52 (Straits).

HK$ 480,000 2,784,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1885

Thailand "Siam Weekly Advertiser, Bangkok, Siam" wrapper, with printed address to "Miss Catherine Scheetz, Lower Merion, Montgomery Co., Pa, U.S. of America" bearing Hong Kong 2c. rose-lake, crisply cancelled by "Bangkok/Ja 10 85" c.d.s., very fine and exceptional usage of a Hong Kong stamp at the British Consular Post Office in Bangkok. From a recently discovered correspondence. B.P.A. certificate (1994). S.G.32.

HK$ 500,000 2,900,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1886

Thailand  local mourning envelope, bearing 1 att carmine (2) paying the 2 atts local letter rate, centrally cancelled and tied at top to envelope by native c.d.s. with lunar date from the Chulasakaraj Era, with c.d.s. on reverse, very fine and appealing. Sakserm 2; Scott 2. 

HK$ 110,000 638,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1886

Thailand envelope to London (9.7) via Singapore (8.6) bearing 1 salung orange, cancelled by "Bangkok/P/Paid" c.d.s., showing transit and arrival c.d.s. on reverse, fine and appealing. Ex Madden. Sakserm 5; Scott 5. Photo

HK$ 40000-50000 (Est) 232,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1886

Thailand envelope to St. Gallen, Switzerland (23.12) bearing type II surcharge "1 Tical" on 1 solot Plate I, neatly tied by "Bangkok/P/Paid" c.d.s., showing on reverse"Les succr de Mallherbe Jullien & Cie., Jucker Sigg & Cie, Bangkok, Siam" firmís sender cachet in violet, Swiss transit and arrival c.d.s., extremely fine and a wonderful cover of the utmost rarity, universally acknowledged as one of the most important philatelic items of Thailand. Ex Henry Madden and Prakaipet Indhusophon. Signed Bloch. Photocopies of R.P.S (1967) and Friedl (1978) certificates. Sakserm 8. Photo

HK$ 300000-400000 (Est) 1,740,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1887

THAILAND 1887 (28 June) Cover from Governor of TRA to Minister of Interior in Bangkok postmarked with the only known TRA cancel. Arrival backstamped BANGKOK July 9, 1887 and red mark of the Governor of Tra. Contents regards the installation of the telegraphic wire, and stamped with the decorative red seal of the Governor of Tra. This official cover was sent during the reign of King Rama V shortly after the opening of the Tra post office. A few years later, Tra was renamed Kra-Buri. Very fine except for a small fault inside the postmark area. ONLY KNOWN COVER BEARING THIS CANCELLATION.

CHF 12,000   David Feldman SA
2004 1887

Thailand envelope to Westphalen, Germany bearing 1 sik pair and single from the right of the sheet, making  up the 12 atts rate, cancelled by "Bangkok/P/Paid" c.d.s., showing ""A. Markwald & Co. Bangkok (Siam)" senderís cachet and arrival c.d.s. on reverse, fine and excessively rare franking. Ex Prakaipet. Photo

HK$ 80000-100000 (Est) 464,000 Zurich Asia
2004 1888

Thailand envelope to Strassburg, Germany via Brindisi bearing 2a. vertical strip of three, pair (small part of lower stamp applied just over back of cover), and single, cancelled by "Bangkok" c.d.s., fine and early usage which is rare for this issue.

HK$ 6000-8000 (Est) 34,800 Zurich Asia
2004 1890

THAILAND UNIQUE LAMPANG MANUSCRIPT PROVISIONAL POSTMARK 1890 Envelope via the Burma route to Germany, franked 12atts tied bamboo cancellor and Lampang manuscript cds, with "via Moulmein" inscription alongside and "Papun" bs, a important rarity. Cert. BPA

CHF 9,000   David Feldman SA
2004 1890

Thailand  red-band envelope addressed in Chinese to Singapore bearing 8a (blunt corner), cancelled by Bangkok c.d.s., fine. Sakserm 16; Scott 15.

HK$ 2200-2600 (Est) 12,760 Zurich Asia
2004 1890

1a. on 2a. green and carmine, type 1, and 2a. on large part wrapper front to St. Gallen, Switzerland, cancelled by Bangkok c.d.s., endorsed "Card", scarce printed matter rate. Sakserm 13,21;Scott 12,20. Photo 

HK$ 1500-2000 (Est) 8,700 Zurich Asia
2004 1893

Neat envelope (portion of back missing) to Cherbourg, France bearing 2a. cancelled by "Bangkok" c.d.s., showing framed "Insufficient" and triangular "T" h.s. adjacent with Postage Due 5c. pair (faults at left from application just over edge of cover) cancelled on arrival, unusual example of underpaid mail. Sakserm 13; Scott 12. Photo

HK$ 4000-5000 (Est) 23,200 Zurich Asia
2005 1894

Rare Cover addressed locally, franked with a pair of 1883 First issue 1 Seek & 1889 First issue provisional surcharge issue Sio surcharged Att, tied by two Bangkok 1 c.d.s. dated 10/1/94 in English; reverse tied by native Bangkok 3 c.d.s. dated 10/10/12 in R.S. , the cover is in fine to very fine condition, extremely rare postal history for this issue in rare mixed franking, exhibition item. Ex. Charles Stewart.

US$ 9,999 (start) 390,000 eBay
2004 1894

Thailand Post Office formular envelope to Denmark, (with printed instructions for postal use on reverse) bearing small Roman surcharge 2a. on 64a., type 1, variety "s" omitted, crisply cancelled by native "Samutprakan" c.d.s., very fine and rare use of the formular envelope. Sakserm 48d. 

HK$ 4,000 23,200 Zurich Asia
2004 1894

Envelope (a little reduced at right and tear at foot) to Bombay via Singapore bearing on reverse 4a. pairs (3, light gum staining), cancelled by "Bangkok/2" c.d.s., nice double rate cover. Sakserm 15; Scott 14. Photo

HK$ 2000-2500 (Est) 11,600 Zurich Asia
2004 1895

Colourful and attractive cover franked 1887/91 3a + 4a + four different singles from the 1894-99 surch. issues (namely 2a +1a +1a +2a) tied by native cancels on local cover to Chantaboun, fine and scarce

CHF 3,200   David Feldman SA
2005 1895

2nd Issue 12 att Scott#12 Single Franked Cover: Bangkok to US (Picture)

US$ 192 7,469 eBay
2004 1895

Local envelope to the United States Legation, bearing small Roman surcharge 2a. on 64a., cancelled by "Bangkok/1" c.d.s., showing "Bangkok/2" (29.6) and native "Bangkok" c.d.s. on reverse. 

HK$ 2,600 15,080 Zurich Asia
2004 1896

Envelope to Vienna (23.7), bearing 1894-95 small Roman surcharges 2a. on 64a. and 10a. on 64a., cancelled by "Bangkok/2" c.d.s., a pleasing franking for the 12 atts rate to Europe. 

HK$ 4,200 24,360 Zurich Asia
2004 1896

Registered envelope to Vancouver Island, British Columbia via Hong Kong (16.4), San Francisco (12.5), E.R.N. Railway (13.5), and Victoria B.C (16.5) bearing 12a. "L" shaped strip of three, cancelled by "Chantaboon" c.d.s., showing "Bangkok/2" c.d.s. and framed "R" h.s adjacent, rare destination. Sakserm 17; Scott 16. Photo

HK$ 8000-10000 (Est) 46,400 Zurich Asia
2004 1898

Complete "United States Legation, Bangkok, Siam" imprint wrapper to California bearing 1a. strip of cancelled by "Bangkok/2" c.d.s., very fine and rare printed matter usage to the West coast of the U.S.A. Sakserm 12; Scott 11. Photo 

HK$ 8000-10000 (Est) 46,400 Zurich Asia
2004 1898

1 att postal stationery card to Germany (6.7) bearing De La Rue 1a. and 2a., cancelled by "Bangkok" c.d.s., fine. Sakserm 12-13; Scott 11-12. Photo 

HK$ 2500-3000 (Est) 14,500 Zurich Asia
2004 1900

1900-01 Rama V's  postal cards 11/2 att Rejected die issues address locally within Bangkok and tied by cds. Bangkok 6/6/00  VF.

THB 10,000 (start) 10,000 Eurseree
2005 1900

3a on 12a Scott#54 Single Franked PPC: Bangkok to Italy (Picture)

US$ 85 3,315 eBay
2005 1900

3a on 12a Scott#54 Single Franked PPC: Bangkok to Italy (Picture)

US$ 154 5,987 eBay
2005 1901

3rd issue 3a Scott#75 Franked PPC: Bangkok to Italy (Picture)

GB 36 2,699 eBay
2004 1903

First issue postal card 1att postally used from "Bang Nok Koek" to Bangkok, tied by all native postmarks of "Bang Nok Koek" dated 28/6/121, "Bangkok 2" dated 30/6/121 & "Bangkok 1" dated 1/7/121, Bang Nok Koek Post Office only opened for short period hence extremely rare postmark, only two peices of postal history were recorded from this location

THB 140,000 140,000 Eurseree
2005 1904

3rd Issue 1 att Scott#71 Single Franked PPC: Chantaburi to France (Picture)

US$ 203 7,898 eBay
2005 1904

3rd Issue 14att Scott#86 Single Franked Cover: Bangkok to Germany (Picture)

US$ 158 6,164 eBay
2005 1904

3rd Issue 1a Scott#75 4a Scott#81 Franked PPC Native Cancel to Australia (Picture)

US$ 153 5,948 eBay
2005 1905

3rd Issue 2x2a Scott#77 1x1a Scott#75 Franked PPC Bangkok to Australia (Picture)

US$ 201 7,841 eBay
2004 1906

Rama V's picture postcard Bagnkok to Portugal designed "Buffaloes treading paddy" bearing Wat Chang issue 1 & 2 atts tied by very nice strike Bangkok5(all in Siamese), receiver postmarks, VF. (1)

THB 8,000 8,000 Eurseree
2005 1906

Wat Chang 1a Scott#92 2a Scott#93 PPC (2a over 1 1/2 a): Bangkok to France (Picture)

US$ 122 4,777 eBay
2004 1907

Rama V's picture postcard of Angkor Wat from Siemrat(Cambodia) to France bearing 3rd issue 2x 3atts red in pair, tied by Swiss type II dated 2/9/125, a historic postal history, extremely rare in very fine condition. (1)

THB 100,000 (start) 100,000 Eurseree
2004 1907

Rama V's period Picture postcard bearing WatJang 4atts from Batu Mekabang(now in Malaysia) to England, tied by rare manuscript "B.M." 26/7/07, "Kelantan" cds. 27/7/07, "Singpore" double ring July 31 1907; all postmarks are all of very clear strikes on the front, very rare to find all three postmarks on front, a historical very rare peice in extremely fine condition, exhibition peice (1)

THB 140,000 140,000 Eurseree
2004 1907

Picture postcard of wild elephants postally used from Bangkok to France, bearing Wat Jang issue 1,4&12 atts, nicely tied by two Bangkok postmarks. VF.(1)

THB 3,700 3,700 Eurseree
2005 1908

Wat Chang 2a Scott#93 Single Franked Cover: Bangkok to Austria (Picture)

US$ 178 6,923 eBay
2005 1910

Stang Surchaged on Wat Chang Issue 14s on 9a Scott#137 Single Franked Cover: Bangkok to US (Picture)

US$ 159 6,182 eBay
2004 1910

Thailand postcard to Munich , (corner crease) redirected to London via Penang  bearing 6s. on 4a., cancelled by "Singapore" double-ring d.s.

HK$ 1,000 5,800 Zurich Asia
2004 1911

Thailand envelope to Bangkok, bearing on reverse 6s. vertical pair cancelled and tied by "Ta Sao" d.s., very fine strike of this railway cancellation. 

HK$ 7,500 43,500 Zurich Asia
2005 1912

Garuda Issue 3x14s Scott#143 Franked Registered Cover to England (Picture)

US$ 255 9,945 eBay
2005 1920

FFC Bangkok-Chandaburi (sl flts not affecting stamps) franked 1909 2s/1a, 2s/2a & 1916 2s/14s prs tied by special boxed pmks, with similar arrival pmk. Only 300 flown.

A$ 500 15,500 Status Inter
2005 1930

King RAMA VII Def Issue 3x1B Scott#216 Franked KLM Airmail Cover: Bangkok to Germany

US$ 80 3,120 eBay
2004 1930

4 Nov., R.A.F. Demonstration flight Karachi-Bangkok, env. franked India 1a with 1920-25 3s +1928 2s tied by Bangkok wavy line, addressed to Phya Tai Palace with arr. hs, of the 10 covers flown 4 have Palace hs, fine & rare

CHF 1500   David Feldman SA
2005 1930

FFC Bangkok-Amsterdam franked Rama V surch 25s/28s & Garuda airs 3s, 15s, 25s, 50d, tied by plane & wavy lines pmk. Registered to England with reg label, air label & "First Arrangement Via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Bangkok Amsterdam" R

A$ 1,300 40,300 Status Inter
2005 1932

150 yr Issue 3x2s Scott#225 3x3s Scott#226 Franked Cover: Bangkok to Germany (Picture)

GB 51 3,825 eBay
2005 1938

King Rama VII Def 2x15s Scott#211Registered Ship Cover: Kantang to England

US$ 103 4,019 eBay
2005 1941

Chakri Palace Issue 3x5s Scott#240 Sealed Cover: Nan to USA (Picture)

US$ 105 4,076 eBay
2005 1943

Rama VIII Officially Sealed Letter Card (Picture)

US$ 192 7,469 eBay
2005 1951

Complete Set of Air Post 3rd issue Scott #C15-C19 Cover: Bangkok to US (Picture)

US$ 316 12,324 eBay
2005 1960

King Rame IX Second Def 2x2b Scott#281 50s Scott#287 2X15s Scott#285 Cover USA, BHAYAO to USA

US$ 130 5,051 eBay

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