The Oral Presentation

Giving a Formal Oral Presentation


  1. Analyze your audience and limit your topic accordingly.
  2. Determine your primary purpose.
  3. Select effective supporting information.
  4. Choose an appropriate pattern of organization.
  5. Prepare an outline.
  6. Select appropriate visual aids.
  7. Prepare a suitable introduction.
  8. Prepare a closing summary.


  1. Devise ways of repeating your important points without being too repetitive.
  2. Create smooth transitions between sections.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the equipment you'll be using.
  4. Prepare yourself for questions.
  5. Develop your own speaking style.
  6. If your are going to be reading from a manuscript, work on giving it a lively intonation.


  1. Establish some personal contact with at least some of your listeners before you begin your talk.
  2. As you give your presentation, concentrate your full attention on what you want to say to your listeners.

(Adapted from English for Science and Technology)




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