This is my second attempt to build my personal homepage. The first time I tried when I started learning this stuff from a computer technician, James, in a school. I have not had time to continue, so this time is like starting all over again. I am still in a process of learning how to make a webpage. Let's see if I will have time to finish this page.

Here is a little bit about my work. I am what people called a young acquisition of the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University. Translation: a new faculty. I have been working here for a while now. My research interest involves absorption, adsorption, fluidization, and catalysis. As of now, I have six MS students working with me. All the projects, which we are working on, are in cooperation with either universities or companies in the United States. I will definitely give more details about the projects once I have more time.