Prapant Svetanant, Ph.D.

I was born in 1943, received B.A. Political Science (Hon.) from Chulalongkorn University  and Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from Kyoto University.  Some 4 years prior to my position at Chulalongkorn University, I worked as a marketing manager at a private company and as an Economist at the Government House Secretariat in Bangkok.  Up to 2000, I have thus worked for my own living for over 30 years.  At the Faculty of Economics, I have extensive experiences in rural development research. As the Director of the Lab. of Toban Northeast Project under the Faculty of Economics, I am responsible for 7 research stations lying in scattered locations in Northeast Thailand. Computer science and Internet are currently my main interests. I use them to improve my working efficiency and to acquire worldwide data to support my teaching and research skills.

My son is a Master graduate from Syracuse University in Engineering. My daughter-in- law is also a Master graduate in Business Administration from the same university. They were married on December 29, 2000 in Yala province in the southernmost of Thailand with two lovely kids. Now they live permanently in Virginia, USA.

I have been interested in Buddhism since I was young. You can see My Buddhism to deeply understand how to become a good Buddhist.

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When faced with all the ups and downs of life,
still the mind remains unshaken,
not lamenting, not generating defilements,
always feeling secure; this is the greatest happiness

(Sutta Nipata, II. 4, Maha-Mangala Sutta)

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