The Writing Process

2202205          Introduction to English Composition     First Semester 1998

Suggestions for Reading Essays

    You will encounter essays in this course that, as E. B. White remarked, philosophize, scold, jest, tell stories, argue, or plead, among the many things they can do.  You'll be able to read essays more easily and understand them better if you bear in mind as you read some of the following questions concerning the essay's author, intended audience, type, purposes, and rhetorical strategies.

Who Is the Author?

What Are the Context and Audience of the Essay? What Is the Type of Essay? What Are the Purposes of the Essay? What Are the Strategies of the Essay? Adapted from The Essay Connection: Reading for Writers by Lynn Z. Bloom (Massachusetts: D. C. Heath and Company, 1988) pp. xxxi-xxxii.

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