•  Education:
  • Ph.D. in Engineering geophysics, University of Missouri-Rolla, Missouri, USA
  • M.Sc. in Engineering Geology, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • B.Sc. in Geotechnology, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
  • Area of Interest:
    • Engineering site investigations and In situ tests in geotechnical engineering
    • Geophysical tests in geotechnical engineering
    • Geophysical surveying methods in environmental applications
  • Selected Publications:
  1. Thanop Thitimakorn, Natamon Kampananon, Napassapong Jongjaiwanichkit, and Sasikan Kupongsak, 2016, Subsurface void detection under the road surface using ground penetrating radar (GPR), a case study in the Bangkok metropolitan area, Thailand. International Journal of Geo-Engineering. 7:2, DOI 10.1186/s40703-016-0017-8
  2. Thanop Thitimakorn and Thanabodi Raenak, 2016, NEHRP Site Classification and Preliminary Soil Amplification Maps of Lamphun City, Northern Thailand, Open Geoscience. 2016; 8:p.538–547.
  3. Thanop Thitimakorn, Natamon Kampananon, Napassapong Jongjaiwanichkit, and Sasikan Kupongsak, 2015, Mapping abandoned landfill sites using electrical resistivity imaging: a case study in Bangkok, Thailand, Research and Development Journal of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, Vol.1. p.35-43.
  4. Arak Sangsomphong, Thanop Thitimakorn, and Punya Charusiri, 2015, Interpretation of tectonic setting in the Phetchabun Volcanic Terrane, Northern Thailand: Evidence from enhanced airborne geophysical data, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, v.107, p.12–25.
  5. Thanop Thitimakorn, Narongsak Rachukarn, and Sunthorn Pumjan, 2014, Application of Two-Dimensional Resistivity Imaging to Investigate Sand Deposits, Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 19 [2014] Bund. Z2. p. 10217- 10224.
  6. Thanop Thitimakorn, 2013,“Development of a NEHRP site classification map of Chiang Mai city, Thailand based on shear-wave velocity using the MASW technique, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, [Online]. Available, DOI: 10.1088/1742-2132/10/4/045007.
  7. Arak Sangsomphong, Dhiti Tulyatid, Thanop Thitimakorn, and Punya Charusiri, 2013, Tectonic blocks and suture zones of eastern Thailand: evidence from enhanced airborne geophysical analysis, ANNALS OF GEOPHYSICS, 56, 1, 2013, R0102; doi:10.4401/ag-5547.
  8. Narongsak Rachukarn, Thanop Thitimakorn and Kultirat Phongpun, 2013, Comparison of Two Geophysical Methods to Investigate Sand and Gravel Deposits, a Case Study in Chumphuang District, Nakhornratchasima, Thailand, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 7(7), p. 761-767.
  9. Thanop Thitimakorn, Nongnuch Luangthavornkul, Prapaporn Juntamat, and Angkasiri Harnsiri, 2008. Determining Shear-wave Velocity of Bangkok Subsoils by Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Wave Method, Proceedings of the International Symposia on Geoscience Resources and Environments of Asian Terranes (GREAT 2008), 4th IGCP 516,and 5th APSEG; November 24-26, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
  10. Neil Anderson, Ahmed Ismail, and Thanop Thitimakorn, 2007. Ground-Penetrating Radar: A Tool for Monitoring Bridge Scour, Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, Vol.13, p. 1-10.
  11. Neil Anderson, Thanop Thitimakorn, Ahmed Ismail, and David Hoffman, 2007. A Comparison of Four Geophysical Methods for Determining the Shear Wave Velocity of Soils. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, Vol. 13, p. 11-23.
  12. Thanop Thitimakorn, Neil Anderson, Davis Hoffman, and Ahmed Ismail, 2006. A Comparative Analysis of 2-D MASW Shear Wave Velocity Profiling Technique. Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Volume 11, Bundle A.                       
  13. Thitimakorn, T., Anderson, N., Stephenson, R., Liu, W., 2005. 2-D Shear-wave velocity profile along test segment of interstate I-70, St. Louis, Missouri, Geo-Frontiers 2005 conference, Austin, Texas, January 24-26
  14. Anderson, N., Ismail, A., and Thitimakorn, T., 2003. Monitoring bridge scour an application of ground penetrating radar, Proceeding of the 3rd international conference on applied geophysics, Geophysics 2003, Orlando, FL, December 8-12.




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