Course Syllalbus


1.         Course Code                    5500 532

2.         Number of Credit              3 credits

3.         Course Title                      Academic English for Graduate Studies

4.         Faculty/Department          Chulalongkorn University

                                                      Academic Administration and Research Section

5.         Semester                          Second Semester

6.         Academic Year                 2008

7.         Names of Instructors        Prof. Dr. Achara Wongsothorn

                                                      Asst. Prof. Dr. Reongrudee Soonthornmanee

                                                      Ajarn John Condon

8.         Pre-requisite                     -

9.         Type of course                  Elective

10.       Program Title                    English

11.       Level                                  Graduate (Master and Ph.D.)

12.       (Class) Contact hours      3

13.       Course Description           Study and practice in reading, summarizing, and

                                                      writing articles, research proposals, abstracts, and


14.       Course Information/Instruction

            14.1  Course Objectives

                     By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:

·         read academic or professional articles;

·         read research proposals, abstracts and  reports;           

·         write summaries of articles;

·         write research proposals, abstracts and reports;           

            14.2     Course Content

·         Language Review

·         Note-making & Mindmapping

·         Reading for Information

·         Reading Academic Articles

·         Reading Research Articles

·         Paraphrasing

·         Writing an Abstract

·         Writing an Academic Article

·         Writing a Research Proposal

·         Writing a Report

            14.3  Class Management/Instruction

·               Lecture

·               Discussion

·               Small group discussion         

·               Pair work

·               Group work

·               Reading practice

·               Writing practice

·               Oral presentation

            14.4  Instructional Media        

·                 Learning Materials

·                 Supplementary Exercises/Materials

·                 VDO & Audio

·                 Transparency/OHP

·                 MS Words/PowerPoint

            14.5  Evaluation

                     Midterm Test                                          30%

                     Final Examination                                  30%

                     Classwork, Homework & Participation  20%

                     Projects/Reports                                    20%


                     Criterion referenced


60 up




15.       Recommended Materials/Media

            15.1   Required

·         Teaching and Learning Units

·         Supplementary Materials 

o  Articles

o  Worksheets

o  Audio and Video tapes


·       Internet

16.  Course Evaluation

16.1          Teaching Evaluation

Students are required to complete a questionnaire (Model 9 for tutorial groups) to evaluate the teacherís instruction during the course.

16.2          Materials evaluation

Students are also required to complete a questionnaire in which to rate the materials they have learnt as well as give comments and suggestions on how the course materials should be improved.

16.3          Course Revision

As part of the course development, the course has been revised in terms of selection of topics, texts and activities on the basis of the evaluation up to the year 2005.  Schedule adjustments have also been made to improve the teaching process.