To change the boundary of an old typology of the subway train, we provide a new network platform by applying the wireless technology (WAP) inside the subway and merging this communication technology with a physical element, window of the subway, for broadcasting information, combining community and communication, and reinforcing connection of real-time data sources around the community.
We propose several prototypes of the networks increasing the ability to gain information by concentrating on the method of information exchange and on the topic of information for people inside and outside community based on people's attentions, events and behaviors.
The new networks offer the information for two types of users, the residents and visitors. First, the passengers who live in the community can access and update their daily-life and social information over the network. The other, the visitors who are tourists, can organize and define the itinerary route of trip and select ways to travel, which correspond to the real time information. From the new subway prototype, it is possible to check the weather in physical environment, to view this week activities that will happen along your daily route, to pick up a boarding pass for your flight in time, or to select where is the best place for your trip.