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About Us: Chulalongkorn University English Club

The Chulalongkorn University English Club is part of and works inconjunction with the Extra Curricular Activities Unit organized by Chulalongkorn University Langauge Institute. We are available for students who need more additional, informal, out-of-class practice with their English skills.

Birth of the English Club: Due to classtime constraints, a number of students in the past have found that they need more practice in using the English language if they are to be able to communicate with English-speaking people, to further their studies abroad, and to use English intheir future careers. In an effort to fulfill the students' needs, the Language Inititute founded the Engish Club in 1981.

Currently, the administrative staff of the English Club inludes a group of active students with varied interests from different faculties. There are now over 300 members participating in the Club's activitities.


All the fun: English Club Activities

English Camp year-round activities 2002


Public Hearing
June 14,21,27 and July 5th
Pronunciation Pro
July - August
Field Trip
August 21st
News Letter
One copy per semester
Public Speaking
November - December
Annual Varsity Quiz
December 9th
My Favorite Lines
Throughout January
Sing Along
Throughout December
English Summer Camp
March 17-21, 2003


page2 Speaking Activities

Public Hearing

Pronunciation Pro

Public Speaking Demonstration

Public Speaking


page3 Poetry and Song

Sing Along

My Favorite Line

page 4 Quizzes

Annual Varsity Quiz

page 5 Field Trips and English Camps

Field Trip

English Summer Camp


How about some news?Check out the english club news letter

You can learn more about the Club's activities and other miscellaneous news from the English Club News Letter which is free for all members and interested students once a semester. Or you can be part of the


behind the scenes: English club staff

Students: President

Vice president

Teachers: Ajarn Sibporn


Where are we?

You can find us at Prem Burachatra Building on the first floor or contact Ajarn

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