j0286894 Jaruloj Chongstitvatana


                 Department of Mathematics

                 Chulalongkorn University

                 Bangkok   Thailand






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MCj04241680000[1]      Teaching Materials

2301171  Introduction to Computer and Programming Techniques

2301274   Computer Systems

2301373   Introduction to Compilers

2301379   Theory of Computation

2301380   Programming Languages Principles and Processing

2301474   Advanced Data Structures

2301491   Special Topics in Computer Science: Multi-core Programming

2301681   Design and Analysis of Algorithms

2143110  Discrete Mathematics

2143203  Fundamental Data Structure and Algorithm


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Elementary school

High school


MCj04241580000[1]       Light Readings

84, Charing Cross Road         by Helene Hanff.

Flowers for Mrs. Harris          by Paul Gallico.

Charles Kuralts America      by Charles Kuralt.

A Year in Provence               by Peter Mayle.



MCj04136820000[1]         Food for thought


Seven deadly social sins by Ghandi

Politics without principle.

Wealth without work.

Commerce without morality.

Pleasure without conscience.

Education without character.

Science without humanity.

Warship without sacrifice.