Under Graduate Student and Senior Projects



  • Image Processing and Video Processing
  • Usability Study on Web Sites and Mobile Phone
  • Other Related Topics
Year 2013
  • Vehicle Type and Vehicle Brand Recognition (Honor Program Student)
  • Research on Instagram Commerce
Year 2012
  • Research on Privacy Awareness on the Facebook Third Party Application (To be presented at ICACT 2013, Korea)
  • Research on Soft-Sale and Hard-Sale Cover page image on the E-commerce website
  • Game on a Mobile Phone (Android)
  • Number Plate Detection for a Mobile Phone (Android)
  • Turn if off Application (Imagine Cup)
  • Advisor of Junior Science Talent Project (JSTP) by NSTDA
Year 2011
  • Comparative study of user interface design between E-Commerce and F-Commerce
  • Evaluation Study of Usability Factors on  Mobile Payment Application on Two Different Service Providers in Thailand (presented at SAINT 2012, Turkey )
  • The study on the effect of Facebook’s social network features towards intention to buy on F-commerce in Thailand (presented at SAINT 2012, Turkey)
  • SIAMSEE Application (Nokia Tap that App)
  • Triker Application (SIA 2011)
Year 2010
  • The usability study of E-Money application interface on mobile phone between text-based and graphic-based (presented at E-CASE 2011, Japan and ICACT 2011, Korea)
  • Adventure computer board game
  • Animation summarization using mouth detection
  • Chulalongkorn Zone Intelligent Graphical Traffic Report System on Mobile Phone
Year 2009
  • MEDDY(First Place - Microsoft Imagine Cup)
  • Biker's Helmet Detection System
  • Research Network Visualization
  • Building Entering Human Detection for Video Surveillance
Year 2008
  • RECYCLE BIN (Fourth Place -Microsoft Imagine Cup)
  • Backup Data Application on Mobile Phone
  • Personal Trainer Application on Mobile Phone
  • SKETCHY! (Fourth Place -SIA 2008)
  • A user interface application using infrared devices
Year 2007
  • Real Time Number Plate Detection and Recognition system
  • Image-Based Face Searching System in Face Image Database
  • Palm-Reader Application on the Mobile Phone
  • Calculation Skill Development on Mobile Phone (Cashier Mania) (Third Place - SIA 2007)
  • Aninal Feeding Simulation Game on Mobile Phone (Mobi Gocchi) (Third Place - SIA 2007)
  • English Skill Development Game on Mobile Phone for Youth (WordVania) (Fourth Place - SIA 2007)
Year 2006
  • LIFE@CU [Board Game : FLASH] 7 MB download
  • TYPEMANIA [Typing Skill Development Game : FLASH]