If you can't read the following text, it's because your browser is not configured to read Thai. Please ask the teacher for help. But in any case you can configure your browser to read Thai by changing the base font of the browser in the following ways:

If you are using Netscape, for Windows go to "General Preferences" and look for "Font." Try changing it to a Thai font such as Angsana or Cordia, and then change the scripting below the font box to Thai. The size should be 14 or 16 points.

If you are using Netscape for the Mac go to the Options menu and pull down for "General Preferences." Then look for 'fonts', click it and then select 'User-defined' for the encoding, and some Thai fonts, such as Thonburi for the text. For the fixed-spaced font, use Ayutthaya. The point size should be between 10 to 12.

If you are using other programs on either platform, please follow the instructions for your programs, as I don't have time to tell everything here.

However, if you are using Lynx on DOS, you can read Thai if you have a Thai driver program installed on your machine. You can download this program, THAI.COM, and put it on the root directory. When you want to connect to the Net, run this program first so that Thai alphabet can be displayed.

If you are using Lynx on the Mac, the situation is easier as you can adjust the displayed font on your terminal program so Thai can be displayed.

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