Chulalongkorn University Building & Environmental Design Laboratory

Welcome to CUBE.Lab


Our laboratory examines environmental performance of buildings with an emphasis on the interaction between man and his environment. Nowadays, we encounter many problems due to the lack of understanding on how building would/should performs under certain design decisions. Unlike other professions, architects and designer rarely get a chance to review his/her design after the building is completed and occupied. At our laboratory, we use a diagnostic approach to problem solving. We believe that if designers better understood what occupants require or desire from their surrounding environments, then it would be possible to design a better and healthier living environment. 


CUBE.lab carries out researches and education on physical and psychological evaluation of the built environment. Research topics in our laboratory include color and light in the built environment, visual and thermal comfort,  airborne infection control in hospital, safety issues in laboratory, climate change adaptation, and sustainable design.

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