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Name: Duangmanee Komaratat

Current Position: Associate Professor in Accounting, Department of Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University.



        • Cost Accounting
        • Cost Management
        • Reading in Cost and Management Accounting (joint author with others)
        • Problems and Exercises in Cost Accounting
  1. 2. Journals:
        • Environment Management, Journal of Environmental Research .
        • Activity-Based Management, Chulalongkorn Review.
        • Balanced Scorecard: New Performance Evaluation, Chulalongkorn Review .
        • Quality Costing, Chulalongkorn Review.
        • Accounting for Environment, Chulalongkorn Review.
        • Target Costing, Chulalongkorn Business Review.
        • Management Accounting in the new Manufacturing Environment, Chulalongkorn Review.
        • Cost Accounting System in the New ERA, Chulalongkorn Business Review.
        • Performance Measurement , Paper in Thai Accountants ' Conference
        • Cost Reduction Techniques, Paper for the Cost Reduction Seminar


        • Contributing 2 cases in "Accounting Case Study " .
        • Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing ,Document for Auditors Training Program

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