Chapter 1 : Introduction to Engineering Drawing

             Lettering1 (Upper-case letters)
             Lettering2 (Lower-case letters)

             Lettering3 (Numeral & Symbols)
             Lettering4 (Composition)
             Sketching1 (Straight line)
          1   Sketching2 (Straight line)
             Sketching3 (Simple 2D geometry)
         1   Sketching4 (Simple 2D geometry)

       Chapter 2 : Applied Geometry

            Using Drawing Tools1
            Using Drawing Tools2

            Using Drawing Tools3
            Using Drawing Tools4
            Applied Geometry1 (Part's name : N/A)
            Applied Geometry2 (Part's name : Split guide)
            Applied Geometry3 (Part's name : Shift lever)
            Applied Geometry4 (Part's name : Butterfly spacer)

      Chapter 3 : Orthographic Projection

            Orthographic Sketching1
Orthographic Sketching2
            Orthographic Sketching3
            Orthographic Sketching4
            Orthographic Sketching5
         1   Orthographic Sketching6
Orthographic Sketching (Blank page)

      Chapter 4 : Orthographic Writing

        1   Alphabet of lines (center line practice)
        1   Alphabet of lines (hidden line practice)
            Orthographic Writing1 (Part's name : Locating block)
            Orthographic Writing2 (Part's name : Drive collar)
            Orthographic Writing3 (Part's name : Retainer)
            Orthographic Writing4 (Part's name : N/A)

            Orthographic Writing5 (Part's name : Yoke)

      Chapter 5 : Pictorial Sketching

            Isometric Sketching0
         1   Isometric Sketching1
            Isometric Sketching2
            Isometric Sketching3

     Chapter 6 : Orthographic Reading

            Orthographic Reading0
         1   Orthographic Reading1
            Orthographic Reading2
            Orthographic Reading3 (Simple)
            Orthographic Reading4 (Simple)
            Orthographic Reading5 (Simple)
            Orthographic Reading6 (Simple)

     Chapter 7 : Dimensioning

         1   Dimensioning1

        1   Dimensioning6

     Chapter 8 : Convention in Orthographic Writing


    Chapter 9 : Sectional View

            Section1 (Basic)
            Section2 (Basic)

            Section3 (Basic)
            Section4 (Basic)

         1   Section5 (Basic)
         1   Section6 (Basic)
            Section7 (Intermediate)
            Section8 (Intermediate)


    Chapter 10 : Convention in Sectional View

           Included in Chapter 9

    Chapter 11 : Threaded Fastener

            Threaded Fastener 1 (Hole)
            Threaded Fastener 2 (Assembly)

   Chapter 12 : Assembly Drawing

            Assembly Drawing1 (V-block clamp)
            Assembly Drawing2 (Pipe Strap)

            Assembly Drawing3 (Anti Vibration Mount)
            Assembly Drawing4 (Shear Strength Test Rig)

   Chapter 13 : Interpreting Drawing

            Drawing1 (Coupling)
            Drawing2 (Offset Bracket)