Enterring of mycotoxins into food chain

Impacts of mycotoxins on human and animal health

Impacts of mycotoxins on economic


1. Which mycotoxin is classified to be carcinogenic to human by IARC ?

a. aflatoxin M1

b. aflatoxin B1

c. fumonisin B1

d. a and b are correct

e. a, b and c are correct

2. Which system is primarily affected by zearalenone ?

a. nervous system

b. musculoskeletal system

c. reproductive system

d. digestive system

c. c and d are correct

3. Name the mycotoxin that causes vomitting in swine.

a. fumonisin

b. zearalenone

c. aflatoxins

d. deoxynivalenol

e. ochratoxin


1.aflatoxin B1

2. reproductive system

3. deoxynivalenol