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2202206  English Conversation


Puckpan Tipayamontri

Office: BRK 1106.1

Office Hours: W 24 or by appointment

Phone: 0 2218 4703


Group 6

BRK 312

M 121, T 121, Th 1011



! Topical Explorations


! Quiz 4 is on Tuesday, February 10, 2009


! Debates (February 10, 12, 16)

  • Debate Rules

    • The debate will consist of five rounds:

      • Pro Constructive Argument (3 min.)

      • Con Constructive Argument (3 min.)

      • Pro Rebuttal (2 min.)

      • Con Rebuttal and Closing Argument (3 min.)

      • Pro Closing Argument (2 min.)

    • Students will not know if they will debate pro or con until the day of the debate so prepare to argue both sides of the topic.

    • There will be a panel of student judges to determine the winner of each debate. Instructors will assign judging duties on the day of the debate.

  • Debate Preparation and Information

  • Debate topics

    • The Thai government should fund research in renewable energy rather than nuclear.

    • The Thai Ministry of Culture should provide grants to artists promoting politically provocative modern art.

    • Everyone should use the Internet as a way to find a suitable partner for a loving relationship.

    • The government should require all public buildings, new and old, to be accessible to the physically challenged.

    • Thailand should support sanctions against Myanmar, including the suspension of Myanmar from ASEAN.

    • Thailand should institute reforestation projects in the North and the Northeast.

    • Animals should not be used by humans for medical experimentation or entertainment purposes. (Siree, Mitona)

    • Uniforms should not be required at public universities or public schools. (Sanchuta, Apichaya)

    • Chulalongkorn University should abolish final exams to reduce student stress. (Panida, Piamboon)

    • Money being spent on space exploration should be used to deal with problems here on earth. (Lita, Sireemas)

    • Archaeological artefacts should belong to the country of origin. (Saranya, Pornatcha)

  • Sample Debates (vdo clips)

! Final Interviews

You will be interviewing in pairs. Sign up in pairs or individually on the sheets posted on the office door of instructors teaching sections other than your own.  Be prepared to talk for about 5 minutes on an issue related to one of the topics covered this semester.

  • Sample topics for final interviews: You'll be getting something like these as cues for your conversation

    • Discuss the benefits and problems of the commercialization of traditional Thai massage

    • Discuss how the Thai version of our history affects our relationship with neighboring countries

    • Discuss the artistic and social aspects of henna body art

  • Instructors:

    • Alasdair Macmillan, BRK 1111

    • Andrew Wright, BRK 1113

    • Andru Matthews, BRK 1115

    • Donald Sandage, BRK 1123

    • William Handrich, BRK 1108

    • Puckpan Tipayamontri, BRK 1106.1

  • Interview times:

    February 17

    • 12:0012:15: 

    • 12:1512:30: 

    • 12:3012:45: 

    • 12:451:00: 

    February 19

    • 10:0010:15: 

    • 10:1510:30: 

    • 10:3010:45: 

    • 10:4511:00: 

Course Outline

Detailed Schedule (group 6)

Course Syllabus (Word file)


Class Time: M 121, T 121, Th 1011

Class Location: BRK 312

Text: Duncan, Janie, and Amy Parker.  Open Forum: Academic Listening and Speaking 3.  New York: Oxford UP, 2007.




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