Department of English

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Puckpan Tipayamontri

Office: BRK (Boromrajakumari Building) room 1106

Office Hours: M 13 (from off campus, via Zoom Meeting Room) and by appointment

Phone: 0 2218 1780

Fax: 0 2218 4707



! Advisee Touch In: Hello advisees from all around Thailand and the world, registration for 2022a begins! and I will email your registration code this time rather than via Zoom meeting because of an accident that has brought down my internet so I’ll be hotspotting from the phone to reach you.

Please write back to let me know how last semester’s been, what you’re doing now, and what your plans are for next semester (academic, extracurricular, personal, global, etc.), with any updates on your contact information (ex. email address changes) and anything else you’d like to share and ask, and I’ll respond with your code.

My internet is currently down so our Zoom Touch In like last year will have to be email exchange instead. Once I’m fully back online, the Zoom office hours every Monday 1–3 p.m. will return as usual, so you’ll have that regular access to me in addition to email.
! 2022 Courses: Department of English course offerings for academic year 2022:
  • First semester courses 2021a
  • Second semester courses 2021b
! First Day of Classes: First semester of academic year 2022 begins on Monday, August 8, 2022.


Semester I 2022
  • 2202314 Translation: Thai-English I
  • 2202344 Contemporary World Literature in English
Semester II 2021

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