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2202314  Translation: Thai-English I

Puckpan Tipayamontri
Office: BRK (Boromrajakumari Building) room 1106
Office Hours: M 13 (from off campus, via Zoom Meeting Room) and by appointment
Phone: 0 2218 1780


Section 2

T 8:00–9:30, Th 11:00–12:30


! Test 4 314 Test 3  314 Test 3  (online, open-book, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 11:05 a.m.–12:30 p.m.; nonfiction general topics and Thai culture, 20 points) The test paper has three pages, two instruction pages and the passage text page, and is posted here in both Word and PDF (the latter for you to check against font and layout renditions for different version software) at 11:00 a.m. (five minutes before test time). I am available online via Zoom and e-mail throughout the test period to answer any questions you may have. Respect our Chula academic integrity and be smart about how you use your time.
  • Requirements and policies
    • 11:00 a.m.
      • This finals procedure is different from midterm so be sure to check in. Students log in to the final exam check-in Zoom Meeting Room, type in your full name in Thai in the chat, and turn on your device camera so that I can see you. After this is complete, you can leave to work on your test 4. Note that finals check-in period is valid for 30 minutes from the scheduled exam start time. Arrivals after 11:35 a.m., count as missing the exam and your paper will not be graded.
      • Students download the test 4 files posted on this announcement page and save them on your device.
        • Rename the Word file for submission according to this format:
          Replace "yourname" with your name. Ex.
        • Endorse the Faculty of Arts exam cover page (p. 1) to acknowledge the instructions by typing your full name in Thai and the date in the space provided.
        • Fill in your student information (name, ID number, section) at the top of pages 2 and 3 in the space provided.
    • 11:05 a.m.: Test 4 begins.
    • 11:35 a.m.: Final exam check-in period ends. Students who arrive in the Zoom Meeting Room after this time is marked as missing the exam and their test response will not be graded.
    • 12:25 p.m.: Test 4 ends.
    • 12:30 p.m.: Grace period (5 minutes) for receiving test 4 response files ends. Files arriving timestamped in my inbox later than this is penalized 1 point per minute.
    • You are allowed to consult notes and online resources, but not Google Translate or other translation services (ex. machine, agencies, individuals).
  • Responding
    • In the downloaded and renamed test document file, write or type your English translation below the Thai fiction passage.
    • In a word processing document (like Microsoft Word), use
      • Times New Roman font (TH Sarabun New is thin and not an ideal native English language font.)
      • 12 point
      • 1.5 line spacing (Notice that single-spaced responses leave little room for in-text comments and make it difficult for you to read feedback.)
    • Save your work often.
    • As soon as you are done, a good safety measure is to take a screenshot that includes your work and showing the date and time on your device desktop as evidence against any e-mail mishaps that may result in your file arriving past the grace period.
  • Submitting
    • Attach your Word test 3 response in an e-mail to me with the subject: 314 test 4 to reach my inbox no later than 12:30 p.m. (fifteen-minute grace period included). If your e-mail address is not under your official first name and last name, include your roster name and last name in the subject or message of your mail.
    • My file receipt confirmation via e-mail, verbally, or in the Zoom chat message box lets you know that your response has reached me.
    • You may include a PDF file of your Word response as a fixed record of your work, against grader comments and any accidental changes in the Word document.
    • Links to your response (ex. on OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Doc, online Word or other cloud systems) are not acceptable and will not be graded.
  • Troubleshooting
    • File access: If you cannot download the test 4 files on this page at 11:05 a.m., notify me immediately. Be sure to refresh your screen to view the most current page and not the cached information on your device.
    • Internet connection: If you experience network delays and/or crashes during the exam period, record a short video clip of your work screen that shows your writing, the frozen or broken connection, and the date and time in the same shot. When your device and/or the internet connection recovers, record a short video clip of your work screen again, showing your writing, the returned function/connection, and the date and time to account for the time lapse. Send these along with your response document at the end of the test period. If file size limit is exceeded, make sure you send your response on time, and attach the video evidence in a separate later message.
    • Non-delivery: If your response file is undeliverable within five minutes of sending it, take a screenshot of the notification message with your answer and device desktop date and time in the same shot and send it to inform me immediately.
      • Problems with responses and delivery can be avoided with proofreading. Double check not only your work (Did you leave a word or phrase for later and have not gotten back to it? etc.), but also the send to e-mail address. A typo from haste can result in the test file not being delivered, as some of you may have learned the hard way. To be safe, use the hyperlink or copy and paste the e-mail address to your message.
! Review and Case Studies: Sign up for your final classcast review topic and case study text on the instruction sheet. Access to some of the text selections requires Blackboard login.
! Horizons: Incorporate into your study or daily routine, at least half an hour of continuous reading or listening to information from one of the sources on our horizons expanding list. Bring something (factoid, observation, etc.) from your discoveries to share with class as part of our random Horizons element at the beginning of class after Touch In. Change it up every week. So for every new Tuesday and Thursday, tap into an unexplored site.
! Semester Preparedness: All class sessions are conducted online, unless indicated otherwise. The link to each classcast is given on our detailed schedule page. Chula provides the following useful tools to facilitate your learning.
  • VPN: Chula's virtual private network service allows you access to university resources from off-campus.
  • Office 365: Cloud Microsoft applications for collaboration, file-sharing
  • Adobe: The Adobe suite of applications for creating and editing PDFs and multimedia concent
  • Chula Reference Databases: Online access to resources such as references, periodicals, audiobooks, and texts.

Course Outline

Class Time: T 8:00–9:30, Th 11:00–12:30


Required Texts: Course text (section 2 access via Blackboard)



Detailed Schedule


Requirements and Expectations

  • Attendance and Participation: Discussion about translations are a place to work out ideas, compare strategies and analyze texts and translations. Students are encouraged to express their opinions, share observations and ask questions. Complete your translation exercises before class and come prepared to discuss your work and problems and issues you've encountered.
  • There will be four timed assessments.
    • Midterm
      • Paper 1 (general news)
      • Paper 2 (economic-business news)
    • Final
      • Paper 1 (fiction)
      • Paper 2 (nonfiction: general topics-Thai culture)

Translation Resources

Essential References


พจนานุกรม ฉบับราชบัณฑิตยสถาน พ.ศ. 2542. กรุงเทพฯ: นานมีบุ๊คส์, 2546. 

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