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"Mother to Son"



Langston Hughes

(February 1, 1902 May 22, 1967)




"Mother to Son" Notes

This poem was published in Hughes's first collection of poetry The Weary Blues (1926).

2  ain't: dialect for hasn't

9  I'se: dialect for I've

15  set: sit

16  kinder: kind of, kinda, sort of 



Study Questions

  • The poem begins: "Well, son, I'll tell you:" What do you think prompted the speaker to respond thus?



Sample Student Responses to Langston Hughes's "Mother to Son" 


Response 1:

Study Question:






Student Name

2202234 Introduction to the Study of English Literature

Acharn Puckpan Tipayamontri

June 12, 2013

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Langston Hughes





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