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To Kill a Mockingbird



Harper Lee

April 28, 1926


68  morphodite: a comic mispronunciation of hermaphrodite


Study Questions for Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

Some things to think about as you read and reread.


Review Sheet


Scout, Jean Louise Finch  

Jem,  Jeremy Atticus Finch (7)

Atticus Finch father of Scout and Jem; "nearly fifty" (89); "wore glasses" (89); "nearly blind in his left eye" (89)

Uncle Jack  

Aunt Alexandra Atticus's sister (77); 

Henry Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jimmy's son (77); father of Francis (77)

Francis Hancock  

Uncle Jimmy Aunt Alexandra's husband (77); 

Simon Finch  

Calpurnia the Finches' cook (6)

Dill, Charles Baker Harris comes from Meridian, Mississippi (7)

Miss Maudie Atkinson (199)

Miss Stephanie Crawford (199)

Boo, Arthur Radley ()

Mrs. Dubose Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose (99); 

Tom Robinson, Thomas Robinson twenty-five years old (190); husband of x; has three children (190); 

Helen Robinson Tom Robinson's wife

Bob Ewell, Robert E. Lee Ewell father of Mayella; "a little bantam cock of a man" (16970), "his face was as red as his neck" (170), 

Mayella Violet Ewell (178); daughter of Bob Ewell; "nineteen-and-a-half" years old (179); the eldest of eight children (182)

Mr. Heck Tate sheriff of Maycomb County; "goin' on forty-three years old" (276); usually wears "high boots, lumber jacket, and bullet-studded belt" (166)

Judge Taylor "looking like a sleepy old shark" (16465), "white-haired, slightly ruddy-faced" (165), "ran his court with an alarming informality" (165)

Walter Cunningham (son)  

Walter Cunningham (father)

Braxton Bragg Underwood (156)

Mr. Dolphous Raymond  

Reverend Sykes (164)

Miss Caroline Fisher Scout's teacher when she first began school (16); comes from Winston County in North Alabama (16)

Miss Rachel Dill's aunt (7)

Cecil Jacobs "announced in the schoolyard...that Scout Finch's daddy defended niggers" (74)

Mr. Gilmer solicitor (166)

Mr. Link Deas (221)



Maycomb County  

Finch's Landing  





Sample Student Reading Responses to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

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Response 1:






Student Name

2202235 Reading and Analysis for the Study of English Literature

Acharn Puckpan Tipayamontri

February 1, 2010

Reading Response














Lee, Harper.  To Kill a Mockingbird.  1960.  New York: Warner Books, 1982.




The "Scottsboro Boys" Trials (19311937)

The American Civil War (18611865)


Harper Lee



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