Department of English

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Developing English Speaking and Listening Skills for Work and Academic Purposes


Puckpan Tipayamontri

Office: Boromrajakumari Building room 1106

Office Hours: M 13 and by appointment

Phone: 0-2218-4703


! September 16 Class: The last fifteen minutes of class will be your certificate presentation.

  Tentative Schedule

Session 1

Aug. 5

Reality Check


Issues: listening tools, strategies, resources; knowing the language; greetings; textbook vs. real English; interpersonal relationships; sensory perceptions; etiquette

Aug. 12

No class (Mother's Day)

Session 2
Aug. 19
Face to Face
Issues: context clues; contractions; slang; intercultural communication: nonverbal factors in listening, beauty, food, eating, political correctness; mislistening/mishearing issues
Session 3
Aug. 26
Music and More
  • Active Listening 3
    • Unit 5: The Internet
  • In Focus 2
    • Unit 8: Our Crowded Earth
  • Tom Hutchinson, Lifetime, Level 2, Oxford University Press (1999; video clip, 1 hr. 34:27 min. contents: episodes list, language in use, transcript)
Issues: phonetics; pronunciations; rhyme; logic; song lyrics and meanings; listening for inference, listening for details
Session 4
Sep. 2
Open Your Ears Wide
Issues: word stress, emphatic stress, listening to unfamiliar content, listening for main ideas; vocabulary building
Session 5
Sep. 9
At Work
Issues: etiquette; work situations; table manners, phone manners; listening for nuance
Session 6
Sep. 16
Issues: topical listening; anticipating information, anticipating organization; listening for key ideas in thought groups through rhythm and intonation cues; cultural references; intertextual listening




Last updated October 18, 2017