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A Dictionary of Slang (links)



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Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics




poetry in Ancient Egypt


Deaf Poetry

Melodies Unheard | Peter Cook (see excerpts from Flying Words Project performances) | Sign Language: ASL Poetry | Slope ASL special ed. | A Deaf Poetics Part I, II, III | Deaf Jam | ASL Poetry |


poetry in prisons

Burmese poetry

poetry and war

poetry in ancient China

poetry and therapy

poetry and children

poetry in Botswana

poetry is reality

poetry is fantasy


Poetry and Science

"Wright-ing" Prompt: Concrete Poetry | Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932) | Science Poem of the Week


poetry and politics

poetry and religion

poetry in Bengal


Poetry and Music

Explore: Scriabin, The Poem of Ecstasy


commercialization of poetry

poetry and theory

Latin poetry


Madhusudan Dutta

Silver Age of Russian poetry

future of poetry

riddle poem, enigmata






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