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Short Paper Guidelines


The short paper (23 pp.) is a way for you to engage thoughtfully with the issues and questions we have read about and discussed this semester and to bring together skills in reading, critical thinking, and writing that we have worked on in our meetings. Use the topic below as a prompt for developing an argument that you elaborate on in your paper. Give your paper a title. Hand in your revised paper along with the workshop sheets from your group members and your original version at the Office of the Joint M.D. Programme by Wednesday, August 24, 2011.



Explain the understanding of human physiology as manifested in textbooks such as Guyton and Hall's and Vander's, and in your lecture classes. How does this reflect past and present conceptions of medicine? What limitations or advantages might such training in the principles and practice of medicine present in the everyday work of doctors like that described by Gawande, Dr. Prawase, the House TV series, the Gifted Hands documentary, and your own experience of visiting a physician?


Some issues we have read about and discussed:

Writing Workshop

Get into groups of 34 students. Give a copy of your paper to each group member. Read your fellow group members' papers carefully, making constructive comments on the pages, and fill out the workshop sheet for each paper.



Once you have your paper and feedback sheet back from each of your group member, consider the comments and rewrite your paper to fix problems and make it more effective. Some things to keep in mind as you proofread and edit your work:











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