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What does ‘PORETEGE’ stand for?

  1. ‘Poretege’ comes from the word ‘Protégé’ which refers to a person who get trained and supported by significant persons.  As a research scientist/engineer, we always learn and develop our works and skills based on prior knowledge and teaching of many great scientists, including our teachers and colleagues, who tirelessly embark upon their research.  We gratefully have respects to those influential persons.
  2. ‘Poretege’ comes from ‘Protégé’ which, from its root, means ‘to protect’.  In our research, we aim to develop processes that lead to metallic coatings with superior protective properties.
  3. ‘Poretege’ also represents our study on processing technology and fundamental understanding of porous materials, including metallic foams and sintered materials.
  4. The word ‘Pore’ in ‘Poretege’ also means to read/study attentively and to reflect/meditate steadily, and these are exactly our tools to achieve our research goals!


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