Pasuk Phongpaichit

Papers for download

Thailand: Fighting Over Democracy
Economic and Political Weekly (Bombay), 13 December 2008 (pdf, 145Kb)

The Spirits, the Stars, and Thai Politics
Talk at Siam Society, 2 December 2008 (pdf, 1,514Kb)

Introduction to Thai Capital After the 1997 Crisis
Introduction to book published by Silkworm Books, January 2008 (pdf, 678Kb)

Thai Politics Beyond the 2006 Coup
Supha Sirimanond Memorial Lecture, 25 July 2007, excerpt published in Bangkok Post, 31 July 2007 (pdf, 24Kb)

Impact of JTEPA on the bilateral relationship between Japan and Thailand
Speech at Symposium on the Future of Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership, on the occasion of 120 years of diplomatic relations, 1 November 2007, Tokyo (pdf, 61Kb)

The State of Japanese Studies in Thailand
Paper for conference on The State of Japanese Studies Around the World, November 2006, University of Tokyo (pdf, 99Kb)

Money Politics and its Impact
Keynote speech at Political Economy Centre annual seminar, 7 December 2005, Bangkok (pdf, 82Kb)

Thaksin: Wide Angle
Keynote speech at 9th International Conference of Thai Studies, DeKalb, Illinois, April 2005 (pdf, 67Kb)

After Thaksin's Avalanche
Article for FEER, March 2005 (pdf, 31Kb)

Thaksin's Election Speech
Translation of Thaksin's speech, Sanam Luang, 4 February 2005 (pdf, 94Kb)

Thailand under Thaksin: A Regional and International Perspective
Core University Project Seminar, Center of Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto, 6-8 September 2004 (pdf, 58Kb)

The Books of Thaksin
Article in The Nation, 6 August 2004 (pdf, 21Kb)

A Country is a Company, a PM is a CEO
Speech at seminar, 'Statesman or Manager', Chulalongkorn University, 2 April 2004 (pdf, 54Kb)

Financing Thaksinomics
Draft paper, January 2004 (pdf, 41Kb)

Pluto-Populism in Thailand: Business Remaking Politics
Draft article, November 2003 (pdf, 1.6Mb)

People's Government, People's Rights, People's Justice
Keynote speech, annual seminar, Political Economy Centre, Chulalongkorn University, 19 November 2003

Drug Policy in Thailand
Senlis Council International Symposium on Global Drug Policy, Lisbon, 23-25 October 2003

Slaughter in the Name of a Drug War
New York Times, 24 May 2003

Good Governance, Money Politics, and Honest Mistakes
Monash University, 2 May 2002

Thaksin's Slide Toward Authoritarianism
Draft for Asian Wall Street Journal, 22-24 March 2002

Social Movements in Thailand
Paper for International Conference on Thai Studies, Nakhon Phanom, January 2002

Experience and Prospects of Financial Cooperation in ASEAN
Nagoya University, 7 February 2002

Thailand's Thaksin: New Populism or Old Cronyism?
Johns Hopkins University-SAIS, Washington DC, 27 November 2001

Democracy, Capitalism and Crisis: Examining Recent Political Transitions in Thailand
Princeton University, 15 November 2001

Modern Society, Community Culture, or Theme Park: Debates on Thailandís Post-Crisis Future
COTS Annual Conference, Northern Illinois University, 3 November 2001

Good Governance: Thailand's Experience
Paper for Asia Pacific Finance Association (APFA) annual conference, Bangkok, July 2001

Watersheds in the Mind
Keynote speech, International Seminar on Watershed Management, Chiang Mai, 23 March 2001

Thailand: Human Rights as People Politics
Article for NIASnytt, newsletter of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark, February 2001

Thailand's Thaksin from Inside and Out
Original (unedited) version of article in International Herald Tribune, 20 January 2001

Free Economy, Fair Economy
Keynote speech, Annual seminar of the Political Economy Centre, 22-23 November 2000

Corruption, Democracy and Civil Society  
Keynote Speech for the International Conference on Corruption, Democracy and Development organised by Forum Asia, CSD, COLPI and OSI, Bangkok, September 2000.

Message of Peace
Translation of communique from the Assembly of the Poor, Bangkok, July 2000.

International Organisations, Development, and Civil Society 
Speech at conference on Australia, the ADB and the Mekong Region organized by the Australian Mekong Resource Centre, University of Sydney, June 2000

Globalisation and Self-Reliance 
Original draft of an article written for Newsweek, May 2000.

Development, Civil Society and NGOs 
Lecture for course on Development and Public Policy Analysis, Bangkok, April 2000.

Why the Decision-making Process on Big Projects has to Change 
Seminar on Good Governance, Public Participation and Decision-making Process for Environmental Protection, Institute of Social and Economic Policy, Bangkok, March 2000.

Thailand's Illegal Economy and Public Policy 
Seminar paper delivered at the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, November 1999.

Corruption: Is There any Hope at All? 
Paper for Prajadhipok Institute Workshop on Governance, Pattaya, November 1999.

Theories of Social Movements and their Relevance for Thailand 
Position paper for project on Social Movements in Thailand, funded by a Thailand Research Fund methi wichai awuso award, Bangkok, August 1999.

Cultural Factors that Shape Governance in Southeast Asia 
Essay written for UNESCO, Bangkok, May 1999

Gambling with Thailand
Summary extract from the book, Utsahakam kan phanan (The gambling industry), February 1999.

Corruption, Law, and Civil Society 
Paper presented at the State of the World Forum, San Francisco, October 1998.

Economic Crisis and Culturalism
Pridi Banomyong Memorial Lecture, Pridi Banomyong Institute, June 1998.