Department of English

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

2202111  English I


Puckpan Tipayamontri

Office: Boromrajakumari Building (BRK) 1106

Office Hours: M 13 or by appointment

Phone: 0-2218-4703


Section 2

BRK 303

T 810, W 121, Th 810


! Holiday External Reading: The external reading for this break between semesters is Katherine Marsh's The Night Tourist. If you haven't already bought a copy after the exam on Tuesday at BRK 3rd floor in front of the student elevator, they will be available for purchase at the Department of English Office (BRK 1110). There will be a quiz on the novel in English II when second semester begins.
Section 2 Student Work Returns: Students in section 2 check back here for announcement when you can come pick up the rest of your class work
Course Outline

Class Time: T 810, W 12–1, Th 810


Class Location: BRK 303 (section 2)


Required Texts:

  • Kerr, Philip, and Ceri Jones. Straightforward: Upper Intermediate Student's Book. 2nd ed. Oxford: Macmillan, 2012. Print.
  • Kerr, Philip, and Ceri Jones. Straightforward: Upper Intermediate Workbook with Answer Key. Oxford: Macmillan, 2012. Print.
  • Chin, Peter, et al. Academic Writing Skills Student's Book 1. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2012. Print.
  • Levithan, David. Every Day. New York: Knopf, 2012. Print. (novel for external reading; some of you may find skipped pages [beginning at page 2223] in your book; simply flip ahead or back until you find the correct next page)
  • Course Supplement (includes reading and writing practice exercises, and practice tests)

Syllabus (pdf)

Detailed Schedule 



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