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2202124  Introduction to Translation

(called 2202123 Basic Translation in the previous curriculum)


Puckpan Tipayamontri
Office: BRK (Boromrajakumari Building) room 1106.1
Office Hours: W 24 or by appointment
Phone: 0 2218 4703


Group 11

BRK 407

M 810, W 910


Traduttore, traditore.

--Italian saying


So how do we get good translations? It really requires only two elements: command of the language and suppression of the ego.

--Robert Bethune



! The final exam is on Monday, February 13, 2009 from 8:3011:30 a.m. in BRK 302.


! Student groups of 3 or 4 lead a 7-minute discussion on an issue they encounter while translating. Complete fiction exercises (#13 for Wednesday, January 28 and #46 for Monday, February 2) and choose a sentence to try out 3 different ways of translating it. Discuss your experiment, explain what you were trying to achieve with each version of the translated sentence, and get feedback from friends in other groups.

  • Group1 (Sutticha, Suchayada, Siriwan)

  • Group 2 (Sonsoi, Satida, Suttimas, Suda)

  • Group 3 (Sakulrat T., Somrudee, Sineenuch)

  • Group 4 (Sakunrat P., Sineenat L., Sineenat P., Waruorn)

  • Group 5 (Sirichai, Sarita, Santanee)

  • Group 6 (Sanita, Siritida, Sabaitip)

  • Group 7 (Sudaporn, Sujinna, Suttapa)

! Discussion

  • Exercises Discussion

  • Test 1: 10 killed, thousands flee as cyclone hits Pakistan coast

  • Test 2: สิบล้อพุ่งชนปิกอัพ ดับคาที่ 2 ศพ

  • Test 3: Pretzels

  • Test 4: Thailand

  • Test 5

! Read an article a day to help expand your vocabulary and expose you to different texts and information.


! Translation Resources handout in case you don't have a copy (Word file). Choose your resource to present on from this handout.


! For class on Wednesday, November 19, 2008: (see also Detailed Schedule)

  • Read coursebook to page 30

  • Finish English-Thai News Exercises (to #7 China makes arrests in tainted-milk probe)

  • Prepare review for friends on the category you have chosen:

    Floods/Natural Disasters: Sirichai, Sarita, Santanee

    Bombs: Satida, Suttapa, Sineenuch

    Drugs/Smuggling: Sudaporn, Suda, 

    Auto/Vehicle Accidents: Sutticha, Sabaitip, Siriwan

    Killing/Kidnapping: Sujinna, Suchayada, Siritida

    Fires: Sanita, Sineenat, 

    Melamine: Sonsoi, Sutthimas, Somrudee, Sineenat

Course Outline

Detailed Schedule (Group 11)

Syllabus (Excel file)


Translation Resources


Class Time: M 810, W 910

Class Location: BRK 407

Texts: Coursebook (translation exercises, articles on translation), handouts

Requirements and Expectations

  • Attendance and Participation: Discussion about translation will be a big part of this class and students are encouraged to express their opinions, share observations and ask questions. Complete your translation exercises before class and come prepared to discuss your work and problems and issues you've encountered.

    • At the beginning of each class, one or two students will give a 5-minute critical introduction to the their choice of useful translation resources (reference texts, websites, topical material).  These presentations should give 1) a brief history of the resource, 2) discuss the advantages, and 3) the disadvantages of the chosen resource.

  • There will be five tests and a final

    • Test 1: news (English-Thai)

    • Test 2: news (Thai-English)

    • Test 3: informative text (English-Thai)

    • Test 4: informative text (Thai-English)

    • Test 5: fiction (English-Thai)

    • Final: 5 parts

Course Blackboard Academic Suite


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