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2202344  Contemporary World Literature in English


Puckpan Tipayamontri
Office: BRK (Boromrajakumari Building; building number 60 on the map) room 1106
Office Hours: M 1–3 (from off campus, via Zoom Meeting Room) and by appointment
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! Final Paper: The final paper (3-5 pp.) is due Friday, December 10, by 4 p.m. See guidelines (fixed). Thanks those of you who wrote in!
! The Hungry Tide: Audio files, narrated by Firdous Bamji, are now in our 344 Media folder on Chula Google Drive, part of the G Suite for Education provided by our IT services. Please use your official Chula account to access them.
! Diary: Here is a bare-bones template you can use for journaling in this course. Download the file, save it under a different name, make it your own with your entries (news—personal and global—images, audio and video clips, other hyperlinks, etc.) and responses to in-class prompts. Send me the URL of your daily log/scrapbook (if you have uploaded it on your Chula Office 365 cloud or other shareable online space) to be included in our diary directory.

Course Outline

Class Time: T 2:304:00, Th 9:3011:00


Required Texts (available on course Blackboard)

  • Course packet (short stories and plays, poems, excerpts, articles)
  • Amitav Ghosh, The Hungry Tide (Houghton Mifflin, 2005; you are welcome to acquire an edition that suits you but the indicated information is for the one I'll be using in this course)

Detailed Schedule 




Requirements and Expectations

  • Attendance and Participation: Discussion of the texts will be important aspect of our engagement with ideas and the literature, and students are encouraged to express their opinions, share observations and ask questions. Come prepared to discuss the reading material.

  • Reading Responses: Aside from occasional writing of other kinds, reading responses are useful exercises that attempt to explain, discuss or comment on a question that you pose about the reading. No more than one page double-spaced is expected per response but it should be well thought out. See samples. Also useful for both reading and test response practice are the prompts, student writing samples, scoring commentary and guidelines on the College Board's AP Literature Exam archive page.

  • Other assessments include short presentations, a test (around midterm), a final paper, and a final exam.

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